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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

snow at the missouri botanical garden (in iphone photos)

St. Louis weather is largely unpredictable, with a warm, sunny day followed immediately by a freak snow storm.  There's a saying here that goes something like "if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and it'll probably change."  Except for summer weather.  Heat and humidity are the name of the game of summer in St. Louis.

During one of my many visits to the Missouri Botanical Garden's orchid show in February, I noticed a "what's in season" sign.  It was the middle of winter, so I didn't expect any flowers or trees to be showing.  Instead, the sign read: 

"Seiwa-en: Garden of Pure, Clear Harmony and Peace.  Snow is considered to be a flower in the Japanese Garden.  In the winter, shapes and contrasts become the visual pleasures of this garden, and many elements are meant to be appreciated when the snow delineates their graceful forms."

Beautiful right?  It inspired me to venture outside to take a few pictures during the next snow.  Predictably, the snow only stayed around for about a day, so I'm glad I went when I did. 

I stood by this waterfall for a few minutes before walking out of the Japanese garden.  Have you ever noticed how being still for a few minutes in normal life seems like hours?  Well, it was a beautiful place to spend a few moments or a few hours. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

orchid show 2016

The Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show has been one of my favorite winter events for the past few years.  I drove seven hours to St. Louis to see the show the past few Februarys because it was just that special.  Winter in Wisconsin was just so long and dreary, and a visit to a garden with beautiful flowers and a touch of summer uplifted my spirit for a few weeks.  My mom and I would make a day out of it with lunch, orchid viewing, and an orchid purchase.  And I've yet to keep one of those orchids alive that I purchased.  

Now that I'm in St. Louis, I can go to the show whenever I like.  And because of our garden membership whenever I like has been once or twice a week.  It's been heavenly.  

I notice a new flower each time I visit.  During the first week, a tiny orchid that only blooms once every ten years was on display (below).  It's the kind that reminds me of an old man with huge jowls.  

Here are a few of my other favorites: 

An old photographer noticed me taking pictures and pointed this pair of orchids out to me.  He said it was very easy to picture them as a pair of laughing friends.  

This last photo gives you an idea of the scope of the exhibit.  You can see why it's easy to take a few visits to see all the exhibit has to offer.  Plus, there's always something new blooming.  It's like opening a favorite present over and over.  

Posts from my visits in 2013.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

late spring (part 2)

I love how spring can feel like a well choreographed dance.  Just as the snow is starting to melt, I know I'll be able to find daffodil and tulip leaves poking out of the ground.  Soon after that the first hosta leaves emerge.  The daffodils bloom, the tulips bloom, and soon after that the lilacs take center stage and the alliums and iris follow.  There's a bunch of other flowering plants that I haven't learned the names of yet that I appreciate watching too.  I try to learn to recognize a few new plants every year.  It's a fun game to play while walking the dogs.  

Next up will be the peonies.  Arguably the big spring show stopper.  Unless you're my mom. Then day lilies take the prize, hands down, every year. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

late spring

Late spring is by far my favorite time of year.  If it's not yours, we can still be friends, I'll just think you're a little crazy.  (But I think lot of my friends are crazy.)  Nothing beats all the colors, all the flowers, and just how vibrant and alive everything feels.  I took my camera on one of my morning walks with the pups last week to capture some of the current beauty around our neighborhood.  Hope you enjoy!  And hope you have a great weekend!  (Regardless of how crazy you may or may not be.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

wordless wednesday: martin luther king day

(Photos from the Martin Luther King celebration at St. Francis of Assisi in Milwaukee.  If I put things in parenthesis it doesn't count as words for a wordless Wednesday post right?) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

garden glow

While visiting family in St. Louis for the new year, we spent a night at the Missouri Botanical Garden garden glow.  The Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places in the world -- Paul and I even had our engagement pictures taken there.  The garden glow is just what it sounds like; a one mile stretch of the garden is lit up with various light displays.  Walking around the garden was one of the more magical experiences I've had in a while.  

The original entrance to the garden was the main attraction of the garden glow.  The ponds that usually feature Chihuly glass globes had light up globes that changed color in coordination with different holiday songs.  At the end of our walk my family and I got some hot chocolates and enjoyed them around one of those bonfires in the distance. 

Looking the other direction in the pond area you could see the lit up Climatron. 

These color changing light curtains were my mom's favorite exhibit.  The music in this section sounded like a xylophone and the curtains stretched high above our heads.  Those little ornaments hung high up in the trees.  

A close up of some flower lights that also changed colors.  

And second to the lit up maze (little lights were all over the topiaries that made up the maze, but it didn't photograph well), my favorite part was this huge tree with blue lights all over it.  It looks so simple, but it was really striking in person.  There must have been thousands of lights all over it.  

It was such a treat walking around the garden with my family.  The weather was perfect - chilly enough so you had to bundle up but not too cold that you felt like you had to rush through the glow.  Part of the magic was that you could only see part of the show from each part of the walk.  You would turn a corner and find a new surprising exhibit.  All the holiday music and just being outside with beautiful lights in a space that I usually don't see at night plus carolers and hot chocolate.  It was a perfect night.