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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

m is for magnolia

Growing up, I never noticed the magnolia trees much.  Maybe it was the seasonal allergies that hit me every spring and prevented me from breathing and seeing much of anything. Over the years my allergies have gotten better, and my love of magnolia trees has grown. They're currently in bloom all over St. Louis and luckily we haven't gotten any bad storms that have damaged the flowers (so far). These photos were taken during my latest trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden aka heaven. 

Bonus: some white magnolias! The bulb garden is below and is just as beautiful, but that post will be for another day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

snow at the missouri botanical garden (in iphone photos)

St. Louis weather is largely unpredictable, with a warm, sunny day followed immediately by a freak snow storm.  There's a saying here that goes something like "if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and it'll probably change."  Except for summer weather.  Heat and humidity are the name of the game of summer in St. Louis.

During one of my many visits to the Missouri Botanical Garden's orchid show in February, I noticed a "what's in season" sign.  It was the middle of winter, so I didn't expect any flowers or trees to be showing.  Instead, the sign read: 

"Seiwa-en: Garden of Pure, Clear Harmony and Peace.  Snow is considered to be a flower in the Japanese Garden.  In the winter, shapes and contrasts become the visual pleasures of this garden, and many elements are meant to be appreciated when the snow delineates their graceful forms."

Beautiful right?  It inspired me to venture outside to take a few pictures during the next snow.  Predictably, the snow only stayed around for about a day, so I'm glad I went when I did. 

I stood by this waterfall for a few minutes before walking out of the Japanese garden.  Have you ever noticed how being still for a few minutes in normal life seems like hours?  Well, it was a beautiful place to spend a few moments or a few hours. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

orchid show 2016

The Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show has been one of my favorite winter events for the past few years.  I drove seven hours to St. Louis to see the show the past few Februarys because it was just that special.  Winter in Wisconsin was just so long and dreary, and a visit to a garden with beautiful flowers and a touch of summer uplifted my spirit for a few weeks.  My mom and I would make a day out of it with lunch, orchid viewing, and an orchid purchase.  And I've yet to keep one of those orchids alive that I purchased.  

Now that I'm in St. Louis, I can go to the show whenever I like.  And because of our garden membership whenever I like has been once or twice a week.  It's been heavenly.  

I notice a new flower each time I visit.  During the first week, a tiny orchid that only blooms once every ten years was on display (below).  It's the kind that reminds me of an old man with huge jowls.  

Here are a few of my other favorites: 

An old photographer noticed me taking pictures and pointed this pair of orchids out to me.  He said it was very easy to picture them as a pair of laughing friends.  

This last photo gives you an idea of the scope of the exhibit.  You can see why it's easy to take a few visits to see all the exhibit has to offer.  Plus, there's always something new blooming.  It's like opening a favorite present over and over.  

Posts from my visits in 2013.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

spring at the mo botanical garden

Almost every trip home to St. Louis includes a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Few places make me happier than the garden that feels like a second home.  I've been coming here with my mom since I was a baby, so I feel like I have an excuse for being completely obsessed with it.  Here's a few photos from around Easter time, right before a hail storm knocked a lot of blooms off the trees and damaged some of the flowers.  Hope they brighten your day!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

missouri botanical garden: orchids

This weekend Paul and I made a very quick trip to St. Louis to visit with family and check out the orchid show at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  My trip to the garden started with a lunch adventure with my mom, sister, and two little cousins.  My little girl cousins are 3 and 6 and are at the age when every other thing out of their mouths is hilarious.  I laughed so much with them that my eyes watered and my stomach hurt.  It was awesome.  I also bought them some cute little plates for a Valentine's day present, and they liked them so much they ate their pizza dinner on them later that night!  Coolest cousin status confirmed!  

I went a little picture happy at the orchid show and wanted to share some of my favorite shots.  Being around this many pretty things (combined with all the laughing) put me in such a great mood and had me feeling so refreshed.  Which is the ultimate cure for mid-February blues.  If you're in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend checking out the show!