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Friday, April 17, 2015

art in bloom

Good news everyone!  I finally learned how to use my new photo editing software, and I was able to upload my photos to the blog.  Yay!  I feel like I'm back in my groove when I can blog and share photos regularly.  Kind of weird?  Maybe. 

I'm sharing photos today from one of my favorite events of the year: Art in Bloom.  I've seen these events popping up around the country over the past few years, which is amazing!  Because combining art and flowers is one of the best ideas humanity has ever had.  And I am not overstating that in the slightest. 

I start counting down the days to Art in Bloom sometime in February.  Just when I need some color and sunshine and spring in my life.  The annual arrival of Art in Bloom is synonymous in my mind with the arrival of spring. 

This year, the Milwaukee Art Museum took a slightly different approach to Art in Bloom as much of the museum is currently under construction (everything except the main entrance and traveling exhibit space).  They very creatively tied the flower design competition in with the traveling exhibit Ebony Fashion Fair.  The result, Beauty in Bloom, was amazing.  You can see above how they showcased the floral arrangements and the outfits that inspired their design.  I was quite taken with many of them.  And as always, I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. 

Which is your favorite? 

Again, because most of the museum is closed right now, they made use of an underground parking lot for the second part of the Fashion in Bloom exhibit.  It actually worked really well because of the natural light and because there was so much space for extra vendors to showcase their works and goods. 

Orchids win every time in my book. 

Past posts on Art in Bloom: 2014, 2013.  See the winners for Beauty in Bloom 2015 here

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

wordless wednesday: martin luther king day

(Photos from the Martin Luther King celebration at St. Francis of Assisi in Milwaukee.  If I put things in parenthesis it doesn't count as words for a wordless Wednesday post right?) 

Monday, January 12, 2015

winter is here (proof in instagrams)

Last week I lead my first seven day retreat for a group of college students.  It was a huge accomplishment in my eyes, and I was really proud of how things went.  Those seven days happened to coincide with the full blown start of winter in Wisconsin -- and lead me to take yet another mini break from blogging.  

When the retreat ended Saturday morning, I drove to one of my favorite spots by the lake to take some photos and to just take a deep breath.  Lake Michigan is beautiful at any time of year, but there's something special about it in winter.  I love the colors, the steam that rises off the water, the way it feels even bigger and more expansive than usual.  

The view of the shoreline is always nice too.  So much snow and ice.  And hardly anyone in sight. 

One of my new year's resolutions was to exercise daily.  I'm counting walking as exercise, as long as I reach at least three miles in a day.  As a result, I've been more diligent about walking the dogs, and I've been taking more pictures than usual to make the walks more interesting.  (I'm sharing photos on Instagram with the hashtag #walkitout2015.)

I've never experienced winters like I've experienced in Wisconsin.  The cold just chills you to the bones - and sometimes even freezes the inside of your nose.  And it seems to last for-ev-er.  But so far this winter I've been finding lots of beautiful things to enjoy and have managed to stay occupied enough that I haven't had any stir crazy or spring fever feelings... yet.  (Updates on that to come.) 

Monday, December 15, 2014

friends holiday market

Last weekend I went to the Milwaukee Friends International Gift Shop.  I had been checking out all the New York City holiday market pictures and trying to figure out how I could visit them for Christmas, when I saw the flyer for this local event.  Instead of flying to New York City and walking around holiday markets in the cold, I opted for walking around this lovely, local, indoor market instead.  

The market included a small pop-up soup café, so before I shopped I indulged in some delicious gypsy and pumpkin peanut butter soup.  (The key was to mix the two soups together -- yummmm.)

I ran into some friends while here and had fun catching up before I checked out the stands.  We've lived in Milwaukee for a little over four years now, and we've reached the point where we can run into people we know all over the city.  It's a nice feeling to not be completely anonymous here. 

I picked out a couple of ornaments from this stand to give as gifts.  They were so pretty, unique, and affordable! 

I chose a couple of chocolate packs from this stand for mine and Paul's stockings.  Now I just need to get us some stockings. 

And lastly, I bought the last $5 Wisconsin ornament to hang on our tree.  We don't have much Wisconsin stuff, and I thought ornaments are a safe Wisconsin themed decoration to start with. 

Thanks for checking out my pictures!  I'm excited to share a few more posts this week.  I'm finally getting back into blogging after taking unplanned but necessary hiatus.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

milwaukee domes

Over the weekend, I had visited the Milwaukee Domes with a friend to take her daughters' Christmas card photo.  The girls were adorable and so fun to play with, and the domes were all decked out for Christmas.  If that wasn't enough, we stopped for lunch/brunch afterwards, and I had THE BEST cinnamon french toast with orange marmalade butter.  You can't ask for a better kick off to the holidays. 

The theme for the holiday dome this year is Mele Kalikimaka -- basically Hawaiian Christmas.  I was a little disappointed I wasn't presented with a lei when I walked in, but the sculpture things were kind of cool.  

A close up of the big tree. 

If you're looking for me for the rest of December, I'll probably be here resting in the sunshine in a field of poinsettias.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

tosa farmers market

Last weekend a friend invited me to walk around the Tosa Farmers Market with her.  It was a chilly fall morning, and I got to bust out a scarf and knitted hat for the first time this season.  The Tosa Farmers Market is located in a big park aright along a river and is surrounded by gorgeous color this time of year.  We purposely parked far away so we could walk along the park path to the market. 

(Pictured above: lots of beautiful flowers, green beans, onions, beets/turnips/mysterious vegetable, ground cherries, potatoes, and cucumbers.)

It's easy for me to forget about farmers markets this time of year since I'm not really gardening anymore.  But this is such a great time to pick up produce -- and flowers!  Markets still have lots of great produce, and there's no better place to buy squash, pumpkins, apples, and apple cider. 


My friend bought her family a package of these doughnuts.  I was super jealous as I had already run out of cash and just let my mouth water as I took pictures.

This is a fall farmers market: tomatoes and pumpkins!

I bought a cup of cider to sip as I walked around and also bought a butternut squash and leeks to make golden winter soup.  The rest of my $10 went to a few cucumbers to make my favorite juice and some delicious lettuce that's been the main ingredient in some great salads I've had this week.

Here's a view of the river that runs along side the farmers market.  Check out those changing leaves!  And below is the bridge we walked across - complete with a passing train! 

Do you have a favorite farmers market? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

finding joy in autumn: apple picking

Last weekend my friends and I went on our 5th annual trip to Barthel Fruit Farm for apple picking/pumpkin gazing.  This trip combined five of my favorite things: apple picking, fall, traditions, friends, and caramel apples.  Now I have apple sauce and apple pie on the brain.  That might have to be a project for this weekend.  
The apples that didn't quite make it...but luckily nature has a way of not letting anything go to waste.  These will help make rich soil for next year's apples. 

Apple booty!

Since we've been going to the same farm for the past few years - and because I usually document it here on the blog - I was challenged this year to find new ways of photographing everything.  It made things more interesting.  

I picked up a couple of these pumpkins to try my hand at from-scratch-pumpkin-pie again this year.  The past few times I've tried it the pumpkin retains too much liquid, and I end up with pumpkin custard instead of pumpkin pie.  Still good, but not quite what I had hoped for.  Anybody have any good recipes for pumpkin pie made from real pumpkins?


So much autumn beauty!  Loved this trip and how beautiful everything was.

Apple picking 2013, pumpkin picking 2012.

P.S. Have you participated in the Finding Joy in Autumn Instagram challenge yet?  Just add the hashtag #findingjoyinautumn to join the challenge!  We're building quite a beautiful feed.  I recommend checking it out!