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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

we bought a house!

We bought a house! We bought a house! We bought a house! 

I'm just a little excited about it. We found the most adorable house in the coolest neighborhood for a pretty great price. We move in just a few weeks, and we are so happy because it's our very first house! Everything fell into place so perfectly with this house it's pretty tempting to think it was meant to be. 

We'd been looking for a house for a few months, and we were just about to expand our search to other neighborhoods when the perfect house popped up. We found it posted in the morning, viewed it in the afternoon, put an offer down in the evening, and had our offer accepted by the time we went to bed! It was a pretty exciting day. Our love of the house grew when most of the inspections went pretty well too. Not bad for a house that's over 80 years old!

This is a photo of our adorable kitchen. We'll be keeping that amazing stove for storage, but we couldn't keep it for daily use since it didn't fit most of our bakeware (and also wasn't up to code). The rest of the house has some great character too. Original hardwood floors, unpainted baseboards (yes!), stained glass windows, and a fireplace! I can't wait to move in and start decorating and making our house a home. 

Best of all, Baby T will get to celebrate his first birthday in our new house. There's something pretty special about starting to have our birthdays and holidays in a place we'll be for (hopefully) a long time. 


Monday, April 4, 2016

15 for 30 goals check in

Today I celebrate my 31st birthday, and WOW does it feel crazy to type that. I remember when my older cousins turned 30 and complained about how old they felt, and now I'm as old as they were when they said that! And even though I'm a year older than 30 and have a baby, I still feel pretty young. It's like my grandma told me once: she still felt like the same person she was when she was 18. She had aged on the outside, but on the inside she still felt like the same person. Age is a funny thing. 

Last year I set 15 goals for myself. Here's how I did with them. 

1. Spend time in the garden (community and porch) - check

Before we moved from Milwaukee in November, I spent some time on the front porch and the community garden with Baby T. Not as much as I expected to, but it was something. 

2. Keep up with regular low impact exercise - check 

Being a stay at home and living in a place with a milder winter has made exercising a lot easier. I go walking regularly and started doing a stroller boot camp. Which is much more a boot camp than a stroller class. 

3. Get back to roller derby - nope

Moving away from Milwaukee made this difficult. I probably could have found a way to do roller derby in St. Louis, but I haven't had the motivation to look into it. I sure do miss it though. 

4. Bake something new - check

I made some delicious ice cream sandwiches for a dinner party. It wasn't difficult, but it was new, so it counts. 

5. Complete one big painting project - working on it! more to come on this

6. Try a new craft - not really

I've been doing more ink drawings, but I don't think that's what I really meant when I wrote this goal. 

7. Try oil paints - nope

I didn't have access to oil paints, but I recently found out a friend has some and wants to paint together. Maybe by this time next year, I'll have overcome my fear of oils!

8. Take the baby to St. Louis, Portland, and one other place - check

We travelled all over with Baby T! We went to Portland twice, Michigan, St. Louis, and then back up to Milwaukee after we moved back to St. Louis. 

9. Embrace motherhood - check (I think?) 

You can judge for yourself based on my "thoughts on motherhood" posts. 

10. Complete 52 week photography challenge - nope

11. Make some baby photo albums - nope. I really need to get on this one. 

12. Go on regular dates with Paul - check 

I think we get out pretty regularly for being new parents. We've been to the movies, out to dinner, and even to an adult birthday party! We are basically the hippest. 

13. Be kind to myself - check 

The kindest thing I've done for myself is allowing myself to be a stay at home mom after we moved to St. Louis. I felt a panic every time I thought about finding a new job, and I felt so happy and complete spending time with my baby guy. I listened to myself (and Paul listened to me too), and I decided to spend some time at home. Though money is tight, it's been a wonderful thing for our family. 

14. Play and dance - check

If it makes Baby T smile, I pretty much do it. So yes, lots of playing and dancing happened this year. 

15. Start a family tradition - check

On Sundays we like to go to mass then go out to lunch. We usually pick a different "ethnic" restaurant to try out. It's been fun to have that time and to explore St. Louis together. We also started making lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) for special holidays. 

And there you have it. My 31st year of life. For my 32nd year, I'd like to focus on being healthier. I love Michael Pollan and eating for the environment and taking care of my body, but I don't actually do it. I think that I eat mostly plants like Michael Pollan suggests, but the reality is that I eat mostly carbs. Eating healthy nowadays almost feels counter cultural, so I don't completely blame myself for falling into bad eating habits. But hopefully this time next year, my eating habits will look at least a little different from what they do now. It's not just for me that I do this but for my husband and my little baby guy. Life is so good with them, I want to be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.