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Sunday, February 21, 2016

orchid show 2016

The Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show has been one of my favorite winter events for the past few years.  I drove seven hours to St. Louis to see the show the past few Februarys because it was just that special.  Winter in Wisconsin was just so long and dreary, and a visit to a garden with beautiful flowers and a touch of summer uplifted my spirit for a few weeks.  My mom and I would make a day out of it with lunch, orchid viewing, and an orchid purchase.  And I've yet to keep one of those orchids alive that I purchased.  

Now that I'm in St. Louis, I can go to the show whenever I like.  And because of our garden membership whenever I like has been once or twice a week.  It's been heavenly.  

I notice a new flower each time I visit.  During the first week, a tiny orchid that only blooms once every ten years was on display (below).  It's the kind that reminds me of an old man with huge jowls.  

Here are a few of my other favorites: 

An old photographer noticed me taking pictures and pointed this pair of orchids out to me.  He said it was very easy to picture them as a pair of laughing friends.  

This last photo gives you an idea of the scope of the exhibit.  You can see why it's easy to take a few visits to see all the exhibit has to offer.  Plus, there's always something new blooming.  It's like opening a favorite present over and over.  

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