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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

my new year's resolution

March 2 seems like a great day to share my New Year's resolution for 2016.  Blame it on lack of sleep or all the time spent chasing a little baby guy around, but I'm honestly just happy I'm managing to share it with you at all!  

Ironically, this has been the longest I've stuck to a resolution in quite some time.  I'll give some credit to the tracking tool I purchased from Elise Joy.  For $4 I downloaded the tracking sheet and could print it as many times as I wanted.  Now, could I have just made one myself?  Absolutely.  But there was something about making a tiny investment in the tracker that made me want to stick to my commitment a little more.  Plus I saw that someone last year had colored their circles in with different markers and that made me want to do it too. 

I've committed to sketching, drawing, or doodling fifteen minutes a day for every day in 2016.  So far I've missed only one day had three other days where I sketched, just not for the full fifteen minutes.  Most days I draw for longer than fifteen minutes, but I never "require" myself to do it too long so that it always seems manageable with everything else I have going on.  

In January I copied Lisa Congdon's sketchbook pages and threw in random original drawings like the one above.  In February I copied Mirdinara's sketchbook which was much harder and not nearly as enjoyable.  But I stuck with it all month and practiced a style that was out of my comfort zone which is what I've been hoping to do as an artist for some time.  
The hardest part of art for me is usually practicing and this resolution has finally helped me work on that.  Plus it's a great way to relax in the evenings, and I feel like I'm "accomplishing" something completely unrelated to being a mom or wife.  I've come to realize that I need something that is mine alone so that I can be a better person for my family and friends. 

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