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Friday, April 17, 2015

art in bloom

Good news everyone!  I finally learned how to use my new photo editing software, and I was able to upload my photos to the blog.  Yay!  I feel like I'm back in my groove when I can blog and share photos regularly.  Kind of weird?  Maybe. 

I'm sharing photos today from one of my favorite events of the year: Art in Bloom.  I've seen these events popping up around the country over the past few years, which is amazing!  Because combining art and flowers is one of the best ideas humanity has ever had.  And I am not overstating that in the slightest. 

I start counting down the days to Art in Bloom sometime in February.  Just when I need some color and sunshine and spring in my life.  The annual arrival of Art in Bloom is synonymous in my mind with the arrival of spring. 

This year, the Milwaukee Art Museum took a slightly different approach to Art in Bloom as much of the museum is currently under construction (everything except the main entrance and traveling exhibit space).  They very creatively tied the flower design competition in with the traveling exhibit Ebony Fashion Fair.  The result, Beauty in Bloom, was amazing.  You can see above how they showcased the floral arrangements and the outfits that inspired their design.  I was quite taken with many of them.  And as always, I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. 

Which is your favorite? 

Again, because most of the museum is closed right now, they made use of an underground parking lot for the second part of the Fashion in Bloom exhibit.  It actually worked really well because of the natural light and because there was so much space for extra vendors to showcase their works and goods. 

Orchids win every time in my book. 

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