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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

15 (goals) for 30

I mentioned last week that I would be sharing my goals for my 30th year (31st year? I have no idea how this works).  I've scaled down the number of goals and the scope of my goals compared to years past.  I knew I would feel slightly off if I started a year without setting some new goals, but I also didn't want to overwhelm myself in my first year as a mom.

I decided on these fifteen goals and am calling it my 15 for 30 list.  (Paul and I play cribbage and a lot of times I'll get mixed up with scoring and say things like "15 for 30" instead of "15 for 2" or however you correctly announce points in cribbage.)

In writing this list, I thought ahead to next April 4th when I know I'll appreciate being able to say that I met most of my goals.  It'll be a year when my biggest accomplishments - keeping our baby alive and becoming a mom - won't be as tangible because they're not something you can really check off a goal list.  I have a feeling this list will give me that extra pat on the back boost I'll probably need after a challenging, wonderful year.  The other thing inspiring this list is that I want to hold on to a few things that bring me joy in my current pre-baby life.  I want to keep accomplishing things that have nothing to do with the baby but everything to do with continuing my personal development and ultimately making me a better person and parent. 

My 15 for 30 List

1. Spend time in the garden (community and porch)
2. Keep up with regular low impact exercise  
3. Get back to roller derby
4. Bake something new
5. Complete one big painting project
6. Try a new craft
7. Try oil paints
8. Take the baby to St. Louis, Portland, and one other place
9. Embrace motherhood
10. Complete 52 week photography challenge
11. Make some baby photo albums
12. Go on regular dates with Paul
13. Be kind to myself
14. Play and dance
15. Start a family tradition

I am so excited about this list and so excited to experience these things/check them off.  The goals are simple, attainable, a bit challenging, and should be fun and enjoyable. 

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