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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

joyful autumn instagram challenge

A friend of mine summarized my feelings about fall pretty well yesterday on Facebook.  He said that he gets two strong feelings when seeing the changing leave of autumn: 1) wonder and awe in the beauty of creation and 2) near paralyzing fear that snow is around the corner.  Yep.  That is fall in a nutshell.  Every autumn day is different and wonderful, and it's made even better/bittersweet with the knowledge that it won't stay around forever.  It's part of the reason I love living in a part of the world that experiences changing seasons. 

To celebrate the joy of autumn, I'm inviting you to participate in an Instagram photo challenge with me!  The challenge: share photos of autumn things that bring you joy.  Follow me on Instagram at @joy_allthings and label your photos with the hashtag #findingjoyinautumn.  You can post as many pictures as you like!  Also feel free to share on your own blog and on your own Instagram account.  The challenge will go until Sunday, November 2, and I'll post my favorite photos on Friday, November 7.  

I've really enjoyed other Instagram challenges I've done in the past because they've helped me improve my photography skills and have introduced me to other "instagrammers" that I wouldn't have found otherwise.  I'm always inspired by others' photos and the things that they find inspiring and beautiful.  (I was inspired especially by Melinda's Musings' spring challenge earlier this year.  I've also liked the #100happydays challenge and all the different challenges the ladies at A Beautiful Mess have hosted.)  

I am super excited about this challenge, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it!  I can't wait to see your photos!!!  And bonus -- I'll get to find out where you find joy in this fantabulous season!  I'm excited to see all the photos accumulated at the end and to see the changes in the season.  And maybe we'll each have enough photos to put together a mini photo album.  Wouldn't that be sweet!

Let me know in the comments if you plan to participate so I can follow you back!  See you on Instagram!  (P.S. If you don't have an Instagram account but have a smart phone, it's very easy to sign up and get started.  If you don't have a smart phone, please tell us what parts of Autumn you find joy in in the comments below!)


  1. Anxious to take some autumn photos. Hoping this challenge helps me spend a little more time enjoying the beauty of the season....